Professor Jinghua Shen

Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jinghua Shen

Surname: Shen

First name: Jinghua

Gendar: male

Date of Birth: November 1958

Title: Prof., State Specially Recruited Expert

Research direction: Green building and sustainable development


Education background:

1978.02-1983.02: Bachelor of Construction Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

1982.09-1985.05: Master of Structural Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

1986.09-1992.10: Civil Engineering, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, PhD (Dr.-Ing.)

Social experience (work experience):

1985.05-1986.09 Assistant Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai

1990.10-1992.09 Consulting Engineer, KuK GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany

1992.10-1995.08, General Manager of Berlin Branch of Lehmann-Block GmbH, Frankfurt/M., Germany

1993.03-1995.08 Part-time teacher (Lehrbeauftragter) of Technical University of Berlin, Germany

1995.09-2005.04, Far East Director, General Manager and Partner of China Business (OCE), Obermeyer Planen und Beraten GmbH, Germany

2005.05-2015.05, Chief Representative in China of J.S.K International Architekten und Ingenieure GmbH, Germany

2005.05-2017.10 Chairman of GET-Design GmbH

2017.11-2019.12 Distinguished Professor and Director of Green Building and New Energy Research Center of University of Science and Technology of Suzhou

2020.01-present Distinguished Professor and Director of the International Research Center for Green Buildings of Soochow University

2020.09-present Chief Scientist of the China-Portuguese Cultural Heritage Conservation Science “OBOR” Joint Laboratory of MOST of China, Soochow University

Representative publications:

(1) Jinghua Shen, Lineare und nichtlineare Theorie des Kriechens und der Relaxation von Beton unter Druckbeanspruchung, DAfStb-Heft 432, 1992 (This article overturns the 1874 Boltzmann principle (Boltzmann) in the time course of linear superposition of incorrect calculation  Method, created a new theoretical basis and calculation method, is the first Asian author in the history of the DAfStb-Heft series)

(2) Jinghua Shen, STRENGTH OF CONCRETE SLABS IN PUNCHING SHEAR, Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, 1986, 12(112): 2578~2591 (This article uses the theory of plastic mechanics, through the variational method, for the first time proposed a complete mathematical model and calculation formula for the interface of the concrete slab punching failure)


(4) Shen Jinghua systematically reported a series of successful cases of architectural projects, World Architecture Guide 2005.5/6, Spring 2005 (05)

(5) Shen Jinghua systematically reported a series of successful cases of architectural projects, World Architecture Guide 2008.4., 2008 (04)

Selected Projects:

The second terminal of Frankfurt Airport, Germany (participated in structural review)

Federal Insurance Company (BfA) Headquarters at East Crossing, Berlin, Germany (responsible for structural design)

Shanghai Pudong Bank of Communications Headquarters Building (first place in the international competition, 232m high)

Shenyang Taoxian International Airport Terminal (first place in international competition)

Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center (first place in international competition)

Shenzhen Futian Central District Urban Design and Underground Space Comprehensive Planning (First Prize in International Competition)

Shenzhen Metro Huanggang Station and Port Joint Inspection Building (first place in the international competition)

Guangzhou MTU Engine Repair Center (Zhuhai, China, commissioned project)

Beijing CBD Van Palace (commissioned project)

Beijing Aviation and Aerospace Centrifuge Center (commissioned project)

Harbin International Convention and Exhibition and Sports Center (first place in international competitions)

Shanghai Maglev Railway (participated in and contributed to the Sino-German bilateral negotiation and signing of the civil engineering part)

Songjiang New Hospital of Shanghai First People’s Hospital (1200 beds, first place in international competition)

Beijing 2008 National Indoor Stadium (No. 1 in international competition architectural plan, No. 1 in operation plan)

Nanjing Landsea City Plaza (commissioned project, 238m high)

Dalian Software Park (Phase II) Planning (First Prize in International Competition)

The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (3000 beds, first place in international competition)

Beijing Fengtai Science and Technology Park, ABP Headquarters (Five-star hotel, office building and high-end apartment, commissioned project)

Nanjing Jiangsu Software Park (National-level software park) master plan and first-phase project scheme design (first place in international competition)

Dalian Suoyuwan Bay area (Dalian new city) conceptual planning (first place in international competition)

Zhuhai Tianlang Haifeng high-end apartment (180m high, the tallest building in Zhuhai, commissioned project)

Schematic design of Zhuhai Rhine Peninsula Building A and B (commissioned project, 100 meters high)

Midea Headquarters (first place in international competition)

Hebei Yongqing Taiwan Industrial New Town Planning (commissioned project, about 36 square kilometers)

Huzhou South Taihu Olympic Sports Center (including stadium, swimming pools, etc., commissioned projects)

Baigou Convention and Exhibition Center and Urban Complex (commissioned)