CODEX is an international Postgraduate Research network operating in the volatile and dynamic space that frames new interdisciplinary art and design practices.

The Full-Time PhD consists of an 18-month Residency Period in the UK followed by a Mobility period in the collaborating institution.


The first link in the CODEX Research Network is the National Industrial Design Key Laboratory, JIANGNAN UNIVERSITY, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China.


CODEX focuses on art and design practices that engage with social, cultural, economic, and environmental challenges and the new behaviours generated through the catalyst of technological innovation.

Sourced from an international community of designers and artists CODEX provides a critical, experimental and provocative environment for exploring material and immaterial influence on potential futures.

CODEX actively seeks to establish art and design practices that cultivate new transcultural, transdisciplinary perspectives on a complex world. It does this by nurturing innovation through practice-driven research and a synthesis of conventional and emergent methodologies.

The collaborative research framework cultivates a critical engagement with emergent art and design forms, practices and behaviours. It fosters a beneficial entanglement and reciprocity with other disciplines, communities and ecologies. In an attempt to unpick the easy rhetoric that surrounds ‘cross’, ‘inter’ and ‘trans’ disciplinarity it explores the difficulties of these marriages of inconvenience.

The impact of CODEX reaches far beyond the comfort zone of the creative and cultural industries to actively engage with science and technology agendas. It encourages entrepreneurial aspirations and supports industrial, commercial and community engagements through work placements, collaborations and residencies.


CODEX is a Full-Time practice-driven interdisciplinary PhD programme in the emergent fields of art, design, and technology. It is an internationally networked Postgraduate Research community under the governance of the University of Plymouth in collaboration with collaborating institutions. It builds on world-class research excellence of the School of Art, Design and Architecture in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the University Doctoral College.