For further information about CODEX please contact our CODEX Agent: Anna Huang: Email:
To discuss your research proposal please contact Professor Mike Phillips, the CODEX Director (email: or Dr Gianni Corino, Network Coordinator (email:, with an outline Research Proposal.


We will work with you to develop a final Research Project proposal which will typically be no longer than 4 x A4 pages (Arial 11 point font), and include:

  • Research Project Title
  • Outline of the general topic or area of research;
  • Explanation of key terms and references;
  • Indicative research questions or identification of the problem;
  • The context and disciplinary field(s) in which the research sits and will contribute to;
  • The significance and potential impact of the research;
  • Proposed research methodology and why (ie, how this will answer your research questions);
  • References and identification of relevant literature, practitioners, and influential works.
  • Ethical and intellectual property issues.
  • A portfolio representing relevant creative skills and practice.

A template with two example proposals can be found here.

Interview and Full Application:

Interviews will be held by video conference or in person in China.

Your outline Research Proposal will then be discussed to define a final Research Proposal and full application through the University of Plymouth PGR Application process.

Your supervisory team will also be organised for an enrolment in October of each academic year.

[See STRUCTURE for the annual schedule]

Pre-sessional English Language Courses:

The CODEX international Postgraduate Research network requires IELTS 6.5.

The University of Plymouth offers Pre-sessional English Language Courses to help you develop your academic English language skills.

For further information please visit:

or email:

CODEX Management:

The CODEX Full Time PhD programme will operate between the CODEX Research Network and the University of Plymouth, with students spending 50% of their time in the UK and the remainder in China.

The CODEX Director will have ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the CODEX collaboration and be responsible for Students’ progress and welfare as well as the academic requirements of supervision.

The CODEX Director will be supported by the local Research Lab/University Manager who will be based in the partner institution. The CODEX [local Research Lab/University] Manager will be responsible for the organisation and administration of sessions, workshops and symposiums and student supervision schedules in China.

This management process falls under the governance of the School of Art, Design and Architecture in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities as well as the Doctoral College at the University of Plymouth.

CODEX JACS Code: J990 / W990