Professor Shen lei

Professor Shen lei, Doctoral tutor. Director of Centre for Fashion Design and Brand Studies in Jiangnan University. Research direction:Trend and Brand Studies,Smart and security design for fashion.

Prof. Shen lei is the Professor of Fashion Design for School of textile & fashion at Jiangnan University. Additional positions: Director, Innovation Platform for Jiangsu Clothing Brands;Director, Jiangsu apparel Committee;Deputy director, Jiangsu Silk Association Clothing Committee;Member of a council, China Fashion Designer Association;Expert, China Knitting Industry Association Expert Committee;Expert, China Clothing Association Standards Committee. Professor Shen obtained eighteen National and International Fashion Design Awards, he was awarded by the Ministry of Internal Trade the title of ‘Special Contribution to the Development of China’s Clothing Industry’ in 1995, and was named as ‘The best fashion designer of top ten in Jiangsu’ in 1999, and awarded winning designer for 29th Olympic awards dress.

Main areas of study: 1) Trend and Brand Studies, 2) Smart and security design for fashion.
Research in design and application of new technologies in the garment and fashion industry, such as information technology, Dissemination technology, Internet technology, Biotechnology etc.