Shaojie Shen

Professor Shaojie Shen, Tectonic Culture, Contemporary Architectural Design.

Brief Resume

Name: Shaojie Shen

Data of birth: June 1972

Title: Professor

Research       direction:     Tectonic Culture, Contemporary architectural design  trend and thought




1991-1995 Qingdao University of Technology, Bachelor degree
1997-1999 State University of Civil engineering, Moscow, Master degree
1999-2002 State university of Civil engineering, Moscow, PHD



1995.7-2002 North Design Institute
2002.9-2016.6 Fuzhou University
2003.9-2010.9 Dean of architecture department, Fuzhou University
2007.7-2015.7 Associate dean of school of architecture, Fuzhou University
2007.9-2014.4 First dean of department of architecture, Zhicheng College, Fuzhou University
2010-2016.9 Director of the Green Building Institute, Fuzhou University
2016.10 Assistant to the dean of the school of architecture, Soochow University
2017.3— Dean of architecture, school of architecture, Soochow University
2018.4— Part-time doctoral supervisor, City University of Macao


Works and Achievement

Time Works Publishers or Locations
2015.10 Stale and Method: From Two Historical Controversies over Architecture Genres Architects (China)
2009.01 A       Scan       of        Contemporary

Architecture with the Viewpoint of Body

Architecture           Journal


2013.03 Sustainable Materials in Fujian

Vernacular                       Residential


Journal of Chongqing University (English


2001.03 The Methods of Designing Urban Housing in the Areas with Hot and Dry Climate Making Use of Shading Effect Provided by High-rise and Many-story Houses of Screen-type.  Industrial     and     Civil Construction(Russia)
2006.06 Award  Excellence on 3rd Weihai International architecture design competition Shandong, China
2008.10 The  People’s Congress Building Linzhi, Tibet